Exiting and Transition from Birth to Three to School Age Services 

A student who is exiting services from Birth to Three will have a transition meeting with the public school to develop the transition plan to public school services. This meeting will occur between 6 to 3 months prior to the third birthday. The Service Coordinator for Birth to Three will arrange the meeting with Taylor County Schools. The meeting will determine what assessments are needed to be completed to determine eligibility for Preschool Services with the public schools.

All transition activities are completed and eligibility and/or services are determined and ready to start on the third birthday. 

Exiting and Transition from High School

          Age of Majority

In West Virginia, the age of majority is 18. At 18, a child, or minor, legally becomes an adult. With that distinction, rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) protected for the parent/guardian on behalf of the child, transfer to the individual. This is referred to as transfer of rights. Like transition, arriving at adulthood is a planning process, even if it culminates in a single moment.


The majority of students receiving special education services will be ready to assume this responsibility. For some, the nature of their disability restricts their ability to. Families may choose to consider legal guardianship in this instance. It is important to note, though, that this is outside the purview of the District and requires legal guidance.

          Exiting From Services

Students exit services in three ways: by evaluation, by graduation, or by age.

Individual service adjustments may be made through annual IEP adjustment, but an evaluation must be performed for a student to exit all services.

IEP teams, prior to graduation, determine if a student will benefit from 18-21 transition services through an Alternate Assessment. A student’s services will end services through Taylor County Schools on the last school day of the year in which they turn 21.

The student’s graduation date will be defined as the end of services.


It is the goal of Taylor County Public Schools for every student to graduate well-prepared for next steps, regardless of disability. Students receiving special education services may graduate in two ways:

  1. with a standard diploma -
  2. with an alternate diploma -

Graduating students will be provided with a Summary of Performance.

The Summary of Performance is a summary of school achievement and functional performance. It is a tool to support the student’s transition from school to higher education, training, employment and/or adult services. It includes:

  • Academic achievement for reading, math, and written language
  • Functional performance, such as attention, communication, and social skills
  • Recommendations for further education, employment, and independent living

Exit Surveys and One Year Follow Up Surveys

          All graduating students with exceptionalities are asked to complete an exit survey indicating what they are planning on during the first year after graduation. One year later the student are asked to complete a one year follow up survey to determine if their transition plans supported their transition to training, work or additional education during one year after high school. 



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