200 Morrow Cross Road

Flemington, WV  26347

Phone:  304.842.0490

Fax:      304.842.0492

West Taylor Elementary School

Jamison J. Fisher, Principal


                                  IMPORTANT DATES               


  • February 11th:  PreK Valentine's Day party
  • February 12th:  K-4 Valentine's Day party
  • February 15th:  No Students
  • ?February 26th:  2 Hr. Early Dismissal
  • February 29th:  Book Fair

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary!

January 6, 2006-January 6, 2016

Quick Links

West Taylor Elementary School consolidated staff and students from Hepzibah and Pruntytown elementary schools.  On January 6, 2006, Principal Kathy Green greeted two hundred and forty students in PreK-4th grades as they walked through the doors of their new school.  

West Taylor PTO Facebook page

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WTES students & staff were proud to participate in SuperHero day.  Monies raised will be given to the Rollins family.  "Happy Birthday, Jack!"

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