West Taylor Elementary School

"Together We Shine"

May 2017 Dates

May 9--Kindergarten Field Trip

May 11--Build-a-Bookshelf (Kindergarten activity)

May 12--2nd grade field trip

May 15--Taylor County PreK field trip

May 18--3rd grade field trip & 1st grade field trip

May 22--PTO Fun Day

May 23--PreK Awards @ 1:00

May 24--Kindergarten Awards @ 8:30 

            --3rd Grade Awards @ 1:00 

May 25--1st Grade Awards @ 8:30

            --2nd Grade Awards @ 1:00

May 26--4th Grade Awards @ 8:30 & Reception following

            2-hour Early Dismissal (Report Cards go home)

May 29--150th Memorial Day Parade

May 30--Last day of school (3-hour early dismissal)

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Character Education

MAY--Citizenship:  Involves obedience, charity, patriotism, and environmental concern.

Quote:  “Doing your best means never stop trying.”—Benjamin Franklin

Core Principles

*Do things the right way the first time you are asked.

*Do not ask for rewards: do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

*Be quick, quiet, and orderly during transition times.

*When walking in line, stay to the right, keep your arms at your sides, and move quietly.

*If you see friends in the hallway, wave to them but do not call out.

*Follow other teachers’ rules when they are in charge.

*Help people who are less fortunate in every way you can.

*Stand up for what you believe.

*Show respect for American symbols & during the Pledge of Allegiance.

*Be responsible for your trash.

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