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Character Education


Involves acceptance of diversity, equality, peace, and appropriate conflict resolution.

Quote“Do right.  Do your best.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.”  --Lou Holtz

Covey:  “Jumper and the Last Butterfly”  p. 57-65

Core Principles

*Laugh with people, not at them.

*Respect other students’ comments, opinions, and ideas.

*If people near you are too noisy, politely ask them to lower their voices.

*If someone asks you to lower your voice, say “no problem” and do so.

*It’s okay not to like someone; it’s not okay to be rude to them.

*Tell, don’t tattle. (Telling= trying to help someone, tattling= trying to get them in trouble).

*If anyone is bullying you, let your teacher know.

*Don’t expect yourself or other people to be perfect.

*Don’t sweat the small stuff.

*When you feel like overreacting, take deep breaths and relax.

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February 2017 Dates

February 20:  No School

March 2:  PTO @ 6:30 PM