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Spanish has three courses.  Spanish I, II and III.

SPANISH I and II - Class description:  The objective of the class is to guide the students to communicate in Spanish using what they learn in the class in real situations.  The focus is on progressive mastery of skills in oral communication and expression, written expression, listening/reading comprehension and awareness/understanding of cultures. Students will experience the language through classroom activities using authentic language materials (realia) provided in the text and from web-based research, television, radio, podcasts and print materials.  Each course requires the previous version except for Spanish I.

Spanish III Honors -Description: This course is offered to highly motivated students who want to be challenged with a fast paced curriculum.  The class will be conducted in Spanish making emphasis on the actual communication skills: Interpersonal (writing and speaking), Interpretive (reading and listening), and Presentational (writing and speaking), and using grammar as a tool to communicate.  Students will develop their understanding   of the Spanish Speaking cultures by integrating information on music, dance, art, history, literature, current events, and others.  Prerequisite: Successful completion of two years of Spanish (include Middle School and one year of high school) or prior approval of a Spanish teacher.