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Department Chair: Mr. Zukowski


  • Mr. Zukowski
  • Mr. Johnson
  • Mr. Bord
  • Mr. Kline
  • Ms. Coltelli

Course Descriptions

World History

World History is a freshman class that teaches students about the ancient civilizations of the world. This course ranges from the mysterious Mayan and Aztec civilizations to the highlights of the Greek and Roman beliefs and customs. Instructors: Mr. Johnson and Mr. Kline (9th Grade Social Studies requirement)

U.S. History

This course covers   the North American colonies, the unusual disappearance of the Roanoke Colony, Civil War, and other historical events up to the 20th Century. Instructors: Ms. Coltelli and Mr. Johnson (10th Grade Social Studiesrequirement) 

20-21st Century

From the beginning of WWI and The Great Depression through Hitler's rise and fall of WWII; this course explains the struggles and highlights of American life in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Instructor: Ms. Coltelli and Mr. Bord (11th Grade SocialStudies requirement)


In this course, students will learn about the the functions of government and the basics of economics.   Instructor: Mr. Zukowski (12th Grade Social Studies requirement)

A.P. Government

This course is very similar to civics but puts more emphasis on the functionality of the U.S. government and the political process than on current events.   Students are expected to take the Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics exam in May.   Students must complete summer assignments prior to the start of the school year  Instructor: Mr. Zukowski (Can be used replace Civics as the 12th Grade Social Studies requirement)

AP American History (11th Grade)

This course is designed for intensive study of American history.  Students will developed historical thinking skills to prepare for the AP United States History Exam.  This course is sustitutes the 11th Grade Contemporary Studies Social Studies requirement.  Instructor:  Mr. Kline


2015-16 Electives Psychology (1st Semester) and Sociology (2nd Semester)

Psychology and Sociology are one semester elective courses.  Psychology deals with the relationship of the brain with the actions people take.  Sociology will be taught in the second semester and teaches about the relationship of people in communities and throughout the world in the way the people function in society.  Instructor:  Mr. Kline