Flemington  Elementary  School 

We are family.   We help each other learn and grow.

With hard work, anything is possible!

824 Simpson Road,  Flemington, WV  26347                               p: 304-739-4749



Parents must send a note in the morning if there is a change in the way their child will go home.   Please be specific with bus notes; bus drivers do not know where grandma or the babysitter lives.   If an emergency arises, you can drop off or fax a note; or call and have one of your contacts on the emergency card pick them up.    Due to safety and custody issues, changes may not be made over the phone.


In the case of bad weather, ice or snow, the official announcement for school closing may be heard on the local radio and TV stations.  It is also posted on the state website [http://wvde.state.wv.us/closings/].  You can sign up to receive a text from the state in the event of school closing.   It will also be posted on our website and facebook page if power and connections exist.   The decision is made at the county level as soon as possible in the morning.  Please do not make unnecessary calls to the school or board office. 

If serious weather concerns develop during the day, the announcement will be made and broadcast before students are dismissed early.   We will also attempt to call parents of K-1 if possible.   If you are not usually home during the day, please discuss with your child/children where to go in case of early dismissal.   Write this information on the emergency procedure card. 



When your child returns to school after being absent, you must send a signed note with their name, date of absence and reason.   Doctors and dentists can also provide excuses. Educational leave for travel must be approved at least 2 weeks in advance by the principal.  Call the office for a form.

If your child reaches (5) or more unexcused absences during a school year, you must come to the school for a meeting with the director of attendance and/or the principal.  If you do not comply, the attendance director shall make a legal complaint against you before a magistrate of the county.  

If your child will miss more than 1 or 2 days, you may call the office and request their classwork.   They have the number of days they were gone to make up their work.  Please send a note to the teacher if difficulties arise.


Students are recognized for perfect and faithful attendance each quarter.   Students with 5 or less absences and 5 or less tardies are rewarded at the end of the year with a special sliming ceremony.  


The school day begins at 7:55.  Students are marked as tardy if they arrive after 8:00.  A parent/guardian must come in to the office window to sign them in.  The computer system also marks students as “tardy” if they are signed out early for any reason.   Students cannot earn perfect attendance if they are tardy. 

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Students should be dressed comfortably and appropriately for school and the weather.   Undergarments or midriffs should not be exposed.   Not permitted:  halter tops, skinny straps, mini skirts, white undershirts, pajamas, wording or images that are hurtful, indecent, or promote drug or alcohol use.   Make up is not appropriate nor is spray-in hair color. 

Students should always wear shoes that are safe and comfortable for outdoor play and running.   Flip flops or shoes with high heels are not safe for climbing or running – and are not permitted outside.   Some sort of athletic shoe covering the entire foot is best.   Some classroom teachers allow students to change shoes for recess.   The easiest solution is for students to come to school – ready to learn, work and play.  

When the weather is cooler, students must wear a sweatshirt or jacket. 


Items without names are brought to a red basket in the cafeteria.    They are announced and held up for students to see.   Unclaimed items are given to charity at the end of the month.   If your child is missing an item, send a note or call and we will be sure they check the lost and found.    It is also helpful it you label items with their name.

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