Flemington Elementary School 

We are family.   We help each other learn and grow.

With hard work, anything is possible!

824 Simpson Road,  Flemington, WV  26347                               p: 304-739-4749

Our school mascot is the Wildcat.   It is strong, sleek, smart, and careful.   It is friendly and helps other wildcats.   In order to survive, it watches carefully and learns.

From Route 50 (west of Grafton or east of Bridgeport), turn south onto Buck Run Road.   Follow this beautiful country road for about 8 minutes.   (Be careful of deer!)  

As you approach the tunnel under the railroad, be very careful.  It is one lane.   Turn right onto Simpson Road and follow into town for about 2 minutes.  

Our school is on the left (south side) of the road.