Flemington  Elementary  School 

We are family.   We help each other learn and grow.

With hard work, anything is possible!

824 Simpson Road,  Flemington, WV  26347                               p: 304-739-4749

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                  Tuesday, August 16th

                      (Grades 1-4 only)

    *** Remember to bring your Snowbird packets ! ***

     PreK and Kindergarten are calling parents to set up visits.   Kindergarten students come into the school to visit.   The preschool teacher will come to your home.   

1/2 of the kindergarten class will come on August 18th for a day.   The other half will come on August 19th for a day.    This allows the teachers to come to know your child in a smaller group.   It allows your child to feel more comfortable learning their new room and friends.   Every kindergartener comes on the 22nd and from then on.    

Preschool students will start on the 23rd.   

SPRIGEO is a new tool being used by Taylor County Schools for students and/or parents to report bullying.   Click to make a report.   


Parents of children who will be 5 before September 1st and who will be entering kindergarten at Flemington next fall need to call the school office and enroll their child.

  304-739-4749 between 8:15 - 2:00


  An accurate count of how many students we will have is important for planning for staff and supplies.   Thank you!

We collect Box Top$ for education.   Please clip, save and send them in!   Each box top is worth 10 cents and all the proceeds will go to our fund for new playground slide!   Tell your family and friends.... anyone can help!


Each day is important - especially with the threat of the flu season and winter weather.    Good sleep and handwashing are important to staying healthy and in school!   

       If your child has to stay home due to illness, you must send a note for the absence to be excused.    Unexcused absences are monitored by the county and more than 5 unexcused causes legal action to be taken.     Please call the office if you have any questions.