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Anna Jarvis Elementary School


PreK Teachers                          Mrs. Andrews

PreK Aides                                Mrs. P. Johnson

                                                  Ms. Mewshaw

                                                  Mrs. Cathell


                                                  Mrs. J.Johnson

                                                  Mrs. Pinnell

Headstart Prek                          Mrs. A. Louzy

                                                  Mrs. Vincent

K Teachers                               Mrs. Hurst 

K Aides                                     Mrs. Duckworth 


                                                 Mrs. Knight

                                                 Mrs. Taylor


                                                 Mrs. McKinney

                                                 Mrs. Wood

                                                 Ms. A. Johnson  

                                                 Mrs. McCauley

                                                 Mrs. Moats

                                                 Mrs. Moore


                                                 Miss Muha


1st Grade Teachers                 Mrs. Lough

                                                 Mrs. Lake 

                                                 Mr. Knotts

                                                 Mrs. Moran

                                                 Mrs. Peters


2nd Grade Teachers                Ms. Howdyshell

                                                 Mr. Knight

                                                 Mrs. Raber

                                                 Ms. Thorn

                                                 Mrs. S. Knotts

                                                 Mrs. Sharp

3rd Grade Teachers                 Miss Neiman

                                                 Mrs. Cochran

                                                 Ms. Cumberland

                                                 Ms. Nestor

                                                 Mrs. Cyr


4th Grade Teachers                 Mrs. Farley

                                                 Mrs. Shaw

                                                 Mrs. Proudfoot

                                                 Mrs. L. Satterfield

Title 1 Teachers                       Mrs. Fazio                                                 

                                                 Mrs. Lacaria

                                                 Mrs. K. Satterfield

                                                 Mrs. A. Weaver

                                                 Mrs. M. Weaver

Special Education                    Mrs. Cartwright

                                                 Ms. Martin


                                                 Ms. Fragmin

                                                 Ms. Carr

Special Education Aides          Ms. Beavers

                                                 Mrs. Lafferty

                                                 Mrs. Murphy

                                                 Mrs. Farris

                                                 Ms. McDaniel

Speech                                     Mrs. Mayle

                                                 Mrs. Stallings

                                                 Mrs. Nease



  Art                                          Mrs. Hause

  Gym                                       Mr. Ashby

  Library                                    Mrs. Knotts

  Music                                     Mrs. Mayle

Cooks                                       Mrs. Murray

                                                 Mrs. Schumaker

                                                 Mrs. Thorn

                                                 Mrs. Vanhorn

                                                 Mrs. Lawson


Custodians                                Mr. Perks

                                                  Ms. Hershman                                               

                                                  Mr. Ware

                                                  Mr. Wolf

Secretaries                                Mrs. McDaniel

                                                  Ms. Trickett

Counselor                                  Mrs. Rubenstein


  Principal                                 Ms. Heather Gunderson

  Assistant Principal                 Mrs. Shelly Stead